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 All languages have to continually coin new terms
to keep current with the changing world.
When most Shoshoni people only spoke their native language,
this was a natural process.

But now that most Shoshoni speakers
can speak English as well,
it is often easier
to use the English term than
to coin a new Shoshoni word.

  The Shoshoni Language Project
at Idaho State University
would like YOU to help us 
either find Shoshoni words or to coin new words.

 In every issue of Newen Deboope
we will present a list of words in English.
If you have heard a Shoshoni word for any of these English words,
or if you have an idea for a new Shoshoni word,
please let us know.

 We will send one free Shoshoni Language T-Shirt to each person who submits a word or words.
(Limit one shirt per person per newsletter.) 

Here are the words:
bakery, bank, bingo hall, bookstore, candy store,
car dealership, car parts store, clothing store,
crafts store, deli, department store,
electronics store, furniture store,
gas station, grocery store, hardware store,
ranch supplies store, library, museum,
photography studio, post office,
Tribal Business office, truck stop, video store.

You can send use your new words either via e-mail
or mail them to:

Shoshoni Language Project
Campus Box 8297
Idaho State University
Pocatello,  Idaho 83209-8297